Chi-Town Shakti

Yoga + Meditation

A little about our center:
As a Shambhava yoga center we attempt to offer programs and classes that are derived from or harmonious with the Shambhava School.

The fundamentals of Shambhava asana practice center on safety, biomechanical alignment, personal exploration on the part of the student, and generating deeper internal awareness. We teach a balancing form of hatha yoga that starts from a deep relationship with the breath. We work with classical asanas that can be integrated into the teacher's own creative style of yoga class. Our pranayama, hatha yoga and meditation techniques are meant to help students open to the flow of subtle inner energy in a gentle and natural way.

What that means:
Historically we have only hired teachers with a background in Shambhava Yoga whether through regular study or a teacher training experience. However, over the years we have encountered some wonderful teachers who have come in as students and developed a lovely relationship to the center, and we wanted to create an open environment for their contribution.

What we look for in new teachers not trained through the Shambhava School:
• 2 Years minimum teaching experience.
• 200 Hour training minimum.
• An emphasis that in harmonious with our own. (biomechanics, breath, internal awareness)
• Friendly outgoing personality.
• Genuine interest in contributing to our community.
• Enthusiasm for Yoga and Meditation
• In Shambhava Yoga we work gently to open energetically and therefore don't use the bandha locks, breath of fire, hot room yoga or other external or strong heating or kundalini practices. We believe that kundalini will rise naturally through our depth of connection, disciplined effort, and teacher's guidance. We understand there are differing schools of thought on this, and if this is an integral part of your experience and teaching, we may not be a good fit for you.

If you are interested in teaching at Chi-Town Shakti please send your resume and a brief personal statement to Bhakti at

Namaste and thank you for your interest!