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Yoga + Meditation

Yoga is intended to be practiced daily, either in class or on your own. We recommend at least one weekly class to help maintain a safe and effective home practice. All yoga classes increase strength and flexibility, but some classes may be better suited to your needs than others. The following is a key to help you decide which class best suits your goals. If you would like more help in assessing which classes are right for you, feel free email us. Students who attend 2-3 classes per week will see real transformation!

We level our classes according to challenge and while each teacher interprets this a little differently and we recommend trying a few instructors, this key should help you find the right place for you to begin:

Basics/ Introduction to Yoga= I'm new to yoga or simply looking for a gentler practice. You may also consider visiting our Introduction to Yoga page.
Level 1= Similar to Basics with focus on breathwork and alignment. I have some yoga experience, feel comfortable making modifications to suit the poses I am still working on, and want to continue to expand my practice.
Level 1-2 = I have become a regular yoga practitioner and am looking for some challenge, but still enjoy working on alignment and with more detail. This class may include work on building steady inversions, moving towards a half or full lotus, and preparing for simpler hand balances.
Level 2= I am a solid yoga practitioner, practice a variety of poses including working towards freestanding inversions, half and full lotus variations, more challenging hand balances and backbends. I'm looking to challenge myself in new ways. May not be appropriate for beginners, those who are working with an injury, or Pre/Post Natal women.
Level 2-3 = I am an experienced practitioner with a regular practice attending a few classes per week. I'm attuned to my body and prepared to self-modify. I'm looking for lots of challenge. I'm prepared for half and full lotus variations, strong backbends, unsupported inversions, and challenging hand balances. This class is not be appropriate for beginners, those who are working with an injury, or Pre/Post Natal women.

Do any of these descriptions sound familiar?
I'm a beginner.
Consider: Basics or Introduction to Yoga
I want something more gentle.
Consider: Basics
I want to challenge myself, but may still feel a little nervous.
Consider: Hatha, Levels 1-2 (see above)
I love to move and sweat.
Consider: Vinyasa, Levels 1-3 (see above)
I am interested in Yoga as a lifestyle which includes a Meditation practice.
Consider: Candlelight Yoga and Meditation or Community Meditation
I am pregnant.
Consider: Prenatal Yoga

If you have questions give us a call at 773.262.9256 or email us. We'd love to help you get started in your practice!