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Prenatal Yoga certification is a separate track from the 500 Hour Program. The two can be done at the same time or separately based on your interest and pursuits. A few years ago the Yoga Alliance separated Prenatal Yoga as an 85 Hour Training (Prerequisite: 200 Hour certification), recognizing the need to spend significant time preparing to address the needs of this special population. In our prenatal program you will learn to teach for Prenatal and Postnatal women, as well as providing classes in Baby and Me Yoga. Having this specific skill set makes you highly desirable as a teaching candidate and can add an amazing blessing to your life as you guide others through the process of becoming a mom and bonding with a new child. Even if you don’t plan to teach this specialty format, you are likely to have pregnant women come to your group classes and this training will help you feel confident that you can keep them safe as you guide the entire group deeper into their own practices. Remember, some of the best prenatal teachers have never been moms, or are men. So open your mind and explore what this format can offer you.

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"Before enrolling in the training at Chi-Town Shakti I researched nearly a dozen other programs throughout the Midwest. i was impressed by the depth of study this training offered, and knew the small class size and length of the course would provide me with the support I needed. The instruction was detailed and provided me with the tools and skills I need to be a great Yoga teacher. I have so much gratitude for Bhakti and the staff at Chi-Town Shakti." -Rachael H.